We are from D1 PED class 2014 from Jefri Bolkiah Engineering College
This blog highlight various FOODS and BEVERAGES around the world from different continent. As we the GINGERBREAD team are enthusiast of celebrating the mouth-watering foods that keep invented by most amazing chefs around the world. 

Thus, the blog may also serve a platform for its reader to learn a million of recipes that we share. This blog contains our personal expeditions in trying out different kind of foods and beverages from different cultures. Hence, the site acts as a bridge that engage all the elements together, FINGER LICKIN' GOOD!

Readers or visitors are warmly welcome to our humble blog and also totally welcome to contribute any suggestions where place to dine! and also we will listen to your criticisms or comments by sprinkle your words in the chatbox, commenting the post or send us emails on the stated 'Contact' tab of this blog :)

Regards, Gingerbread team.

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