Wednesday, 1 August 2012


We all know that ESH (Elaun Sara Hidup) in Brunei has distributed to all inpatient Bruneians!
So Brunei is thundered by rain of KACHING$$$$!!
So does my mom ;)))
So we went out to break our Iftar since it is month of Ramadhan!

We went to Curvy Baissre Restaurant located somewhere in the capital city of Brunei!

As I ordered the Chopped Lamb Shank with Barbecue Gravy, it was beyond delicacy of butter and spices..

For my dessert, I ordered flat waffle with Vanilla ice cream AND a warm heavenly CREME BRULEE.. I must say my tongue was 7 minutes in heaven.. The taste of cream, melted butter, a pinch of vanilla essence and scrumptious brown sugar as the toppings...

It was a very good Iftar with the delicacy of western food and try something different than regular order :) 

Lovettes, Khairuz <3

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