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McDonald's is one of the most recognizable franchise not just in fast food, but worldwide. But even with that said, most healthy people I know won't even step foot into any fast food restaurant on their cheat day, let alone at McDonald's. There are two folds in this; first, I'm gonna have the most popular thing on the menu. Then, I'm gonna break them apart have a look at their calorie content. Second, find something a little bit healthier to eat at McDonald's.

Big Mac, french fries and a cola.

Okay let's take a look at our "Big" Mac here. Not too sure about that big part. There's a bread bun at the top. Now look at the patties now. I remember eating a burger with thicker patties! With "Big" Mac it's barely even a centimeter thick. And from the looks of it, it's not even real meat. Certainly not the beef a healthy enthusiast would eat. Furthermore, they put a pathetic excuse for vegetables into the burger. Tiny pickles, a bit of salad. If you dig deeper into your Big Mac you see another even smaller patty, glued with what looks a sad manufactured cheese.

Now that we've broken apart the "Big" Mac, it certainly doesn't look very appetizing anymore. No wonder they package it like cramping everything together.

Let's take a look at their calorie contents!
ItemServing SizeCaloriesCalories from FatTotal FatSaturated FatCholesterolSodiumCarbohydratesFiberSugarsProtein
Big Mac7.8 oz (219 g)5602703010801010463825
Small French Fries2.6 oz (74g)230100112014030302
Coca Cola12 oz (355 ml)14000110960390390

Now if you're on the road to somewhere and forced to eat at McDonald's, here what I think would be the healthiest choice based on the carbs, sugar content and calories.

White meat Chicken breast. 
30-35g of protein!

 Some oats

 and a little bit of fruits

Here's an interesting point, this meal costs almost 3 times as much as the "Big" Mac. But in comparison, in Big Mac all you have is a big pot of sugar (Coke) and a small burger. The other meal however, make cost a little more time and money. But at least if you are forced to have to eat out at a fast food restaurant and you want to stick with your meal time and nutritional plans, this certainly wouldn't be the worse way to have them.

By Arif Ismail 

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